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Visit Our Dentists in St. John’s

Our dedicated team of dentists in St. John’s provide services that will improve and maintain your dental and oral health. From dentures to digital X-rays, our clinic offers a variety of treatment options. We want to help you achieve a new smile. Remember, recurring mouth pain isn’t normal. If you have any questions about the state of your teeth or gums, our staff is here to help. We currently offer the following:


Teeth cleaning

Teeth whitening

Tooth extraction

White fillings

Root canal treatment



Dental implants

Periodontal care

Crowns and bridges

Minor orthodontics

Partial and full dentures



Major reconstructive restorations

Minor TMJ therapy (for misaligned or stressed jaw)

Digital X-rays

Digital impressions

Whitening and cleaning

How long has it been since your last trip to the dentist? Give us a call and come in for a checkup. We’ll happily discuss our recommendations as well as any concerns you may have.

Helpful Hint

Some things can stain teeth more than others; wine, cigarette smoke, tea and coffee can all discolour your teeth.

Book a Time

We’re always happy to accommodate new patients. Get in touch with our team today!

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